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When you’re ready to move to this step we will put you in contact with a mortgage professional. This meeting is approximately one hour in which you meet and exchange pertinent financial information with your mortgage broker. Your information is held in strict confidence. Your broker will work with you to accomplish two important goals. First he/she will tell you how much house you can afford and what your monthly payments will be.

Your broker will work with you to find the mortgage product that suite your needs. For example will you be moving again in a short period of time or will you plan to raise your family in this home? These scenarios may require very different mortgage arrangements.

Having a mortgage pre-approval letter places you in a stronger position when negotiating. The seller knows that you can afford the home and are both a serious and qualified buyer. When a seller is aware of your pre-approval status they are more inclined to work with you to bring about a meeting of the minds regarding price and terms.

By definition a pre-approved buyer has an approved mortgage subject to an appraisal of the property.

The foregoing information covers most if not all of the essential basics related to the purchase or sale of a home. If we have missed something, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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